Friday, November 13, 2009

Free Cheryl & Co. Cookies is offering 6 free cookies when you pay $6.95 for shipping. Along with the cookies, you will also receive a $10 Reward Coupon to use toward your next order. I have never tried these cookies, so can't tell you if they are tasty or not. But if you are already planning to purchase these as a holiday gift, it might be worth it to pay for the free sample shipping in order to receive the $10 coupon. Gifts start at $11.99 and shipping starts at $6.95. The offer is good through November 20. Go to to view the full offer details.


Stimey said...

Mmmmm...cookies! Did you order yours?

Winter said...

These cookies are really incredible. Also, when you check out, they usually offer you another deal- like 30 more cookies for $19.99 with no additional shipping. They really make a wonderful gift- that's how I got addicted to them!